Getting Started With Programming
March 10, 2020

Getting Started

So you have decided take a bold step into exploring the new world of programming, This post is meant to highlight some tips and mindset a new developer should have.

Growth Mindset

One of the first things to understand when starting out programming is that you’ll never become a professional without consistent unlearning and relearning new things.

This takes time, but be sure to have the can do, can learn mindset as this is one of the fundamental rule when starting out programming.


Another thing to take note of is that communication is key to success of any developer. several resources are available to let newbie to succeed in programming if they are willing to communicate and be active in the developer community.

As henry ford popular saying

“if everyone is moving forward together , then success takes care of its self “


The ability to be humble and be willing to make mistake, admitting your mistakes and learning from such mistake is one of the key characteristics every developer has to exhibit.

Written by Adeyemi Adekorede
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