May 01, 2020

In the process of developing web Apps with Docker I find these commands useful.

This command pulls an image from docker hub

1docker pull "image identifier"

list all images on the machine

1docker images

list all containers on the machine

1docker ps

list all containers their size on disk and virtual size(the size the container and the image it’s running on)

1docker ps -s

Start a specific container on your local machine

1docker start "container name"

Stop a specific container on your local machine

1docker stop "container name"
1docker build -t imagename:tag .

The above command adds an image name and optionally a tag with such name in the build command. Note the dot after the imagename:tag, this specifies the build context directory.

The build context is a collection of files to be used by the build process while building the docker image.

we can specify that build context should be from another path or Url then our command becomes

1docker build -t imagename:tag ./mypath

the above command specifies for path on my machine I want the build context to be.

1docker build -t imagename:tag URL

replace the URL with maybe a repository URL where you want your build context to be.

1docker build -f dockerfiles/Dockerfile.debug -t imagename:tag .

build image from a debug Dockerfile

1docker build -f dockerfiles/ -t new_imagename:tag .

build image from a production Dockerfile

1docker run -p 49161:4000 -d adeyemiadekorede/auth

Runs the container on a specific port on the background.

1docker container ls -a

List all containers on the machine

Written by Adeyemi Adekorede
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